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Are You Prepared To Navigate the Changing Internet Business Landscape?

You have a vision of where you want to take your business.

But do you know how to get it there?

For the online entrepreneur, the competitive landscape is always changing and powerful forces beyond our control can easily turn the tide for or against you.

A policy change, an affiliate relationship turn sour, a partner site losing ranking, your site losing ranking - all of these can destroy overnight what you spent months and years to build.

Now, these things although hard to predict - are mostly preventable. When your business is built on a solid foundation, you can survive any storm and still come out on top. As a business savvy entrepreneur, you know that fundamentals don’t change.

What makes traditional business strong is what makes online business strong, too. Pillars such as:

  • Putting the needs of the customer first

  • Diversifying and not putting your investments all in one place

  • Location, location, location (which in an online world, easily refers to your location is the search engine rankings for your top keywords)

  • Building a strong brand - this will help you generate repeat business and become less reliant on search engines

  • Building a competent team who shares your vision and your goal

Knowing is one thing.

Doing is another thing altogether.

How many of your goals do you get to implement?

How many of your best laid plans ever get beyond the planning stage?

These delays and improper implementation could be costing you your success!

Our Philosophy Leads To Your Success

As an online entrepreneur, no doubt your recognize that in an online business, you have two masters - customers and search engines. The interest of one cannot be sacrificed in favor of the other if you want to succeed and stay successful. Pleasing customers and making sure they find what they’re looking for is crucial. At the same time, making sure search engines find you and rank you on top is just as important to staying in business.

Unfortunately, it is likely that only a handful of people you work with understand this principle. In fact, we won’t be surprised if YOU are the only one in your organization who understands this.

It is this philosophy that drives our team in the tasks that we do. From copy to design, from customer communication to partner communication, we take customer satisfaction and search engine optimization seriously. You don’t have to worry about outputs that are neither or either just user-friendly or search engine optimized. With us, you always get the best of both worlds!

What Benefit Do We Bring To The Table?

Comprised of a team of professionals with various expertise, our goal is to provide you with a one-stop partner for all your online business needs. Whether you need us to create a new site from the ground up, to manage your current sites, to fine-tune your promotions plan, or to hunt down and manage your affiliates for you, you can be sure that you are getting what you paid for.



Typical Prices (although non-standard work will need to be quoted for, we have included this approximate price list here to give you a guide to what to expect from us... We don't hide any fees, what you see is what you pay.)

The Crazy 'Cash Creation' Copy Writing Team

- Sales letters (starting at $499 for a minisite sales letter)

- Autoresponders ($299 for a 7-10 part autoresponder course with pre-sell and high-impact hybrid sales/info design)

- Promotional content

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The Content Creation Factory

- Ebooks ($600 to $1000 depending on size - usually between 50 and 100 pages)

- Web content

- Blog postings (we can post daily, weekly or however often you require Usually between $5-15 per post depending on size and level of research)

- Free reports (these are usually anywhere from 4 to 16 pages and would be anywhere from $50 to $180 typically)

- Article creation and distribution (usually done in multiples of 5 articles for $10 each article researched, written and submitted to up to 3 article directories of your choice)

- Affiliate promotional packs (these are full promo packs giving your affiliates everything they need to promote your site - starting at $199 for the basic package)

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The Affiliate Manager

- Recuit affiliates (we will find appropriate site owners and contact them personally where possible, following up if needed - NO automation all done manually - starting at $7.50 per potential affiliate) - just 1 MEGA-affiliate can bring you tens of thousands of dollars each year.

- Manage affiliates

- Creation of affiliate promotional tools (full package starting at $199)

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The Internet Marketing Traffic Team

- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Email for quote

- Video Marketing

- Article Marketing

- Backlink building

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The 'Design Dungeon' Team

- Sales Driven Minisite Design (starts at $399)

- Full website design (starts at $499)

- Banners (Starting at $12 each for a pack of 10 banners of various sizes)

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