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Our aim is to become a full-service agency for all YOUR internet marketing and business needs.

But we're here to do as little or as much as you need us to to kick-start your business and boost your profits!

Here are the services that we offer based on the competencies of the people who will be on your team.

the Researcher

Information that you need, we can find and measure for you”

  • Site Scan SEO analysis

Is your site performing as well as it should? Is it providing your customers an easy and pleasant experience? Are search engines ranking it as highly as it could go? Find out the answers to these questions and identify where and how your site can be improved with Site Scan SEO analysis.

  • Keyword research

Perhaps you are ranking highly in the search engines right now, but are you ranking well on the right keywords? Proper keyword selection can dramatically increase traffic and sales to your site. Allow us to help you identify which keywords you should be targeting and how you can and should be using these keywords across your site and even in your marketing and promotional tools.

  • Testing and analytics

If you can’t measure, you can’t manage. Measurable improvements and results - no business should be without it. From site analytics to ad performance, we can help you design tests to give you a truly objective look into how your site and your programs are progressing.


the Writer

Anything you need written, we can write for you!”

  • SEO optimized web content

Let us create well-written and well-researched content for your website following keywords that you want to rank for. Aside from writing unique content for you, we can also edit your current articles to make sure they are optimized for search engines and for a superior customer experience.

  • Blog Management

Let us manage your blogs and populate it with interesting and relevant content. You can be certain that the content is unique, well-researched, well-written and optimized for a great customer experience and search engine ranking.

  • Articles

Need articles for your site? Or articles for article directories? Let us provide you with interesting and relevant articles that rank well for your chosen keywords. We can even submit them for you to top article directories or update your site with fresh content following a schedule.

  • Press Releases

For press releases that get noticed, found and distributed, you’ve come to the right place. Think you have nothing new or newsworthy to talk about? You’d be surprised at the many angles we can explore and use to talk about your business and to make sure it’s always in the news.

Aside from press release writing, we can also submit these press releases for you to top ranking press release syndicators.

  • eBooks

From research, writing, editing and doing the layout, we can deliver finished, professionally written eBooks to you. And if you prefer it, our design team can also create ebook covers, so what you get is a product that is ready to sell to your customers.

  • Reports and How To Manuals

When you need reports or manuals created, there’s no need to look elsewhere. Our team of versatile writers can write on a wide range of topics. Whether you need a report to sell or to give out, our team delivers.

  • Email correspondence and mini courses

Communicating with customers through email takes various forms. They may sign up to receive general information, or in some cases, they may have signed up to receive specific courses on topics that they are interested in.

Whichever type you need, you can be sure that our team of writers will know just what to do. You can expect our emails to be written conversationally, at the right tone, and with the kind of information that your subscribers will love and find useful.

Want HTML emails? Want text-based emails only? We’ve got you covered.

  • Autoresponder Content

Sometimes, you correspond not just with customers but with partners and affiliates as well. This is also part of the many services that we offer. Keep your affiliates engaged, informed and driven to promote your product. Autoresponders are a popular tool to help affiliates and partners get trained up on skills necessary to make them even more effective. Aside from writing the actual email, we can also plan them out and upload these for you.


the Designer Developer

It’s not about pretty pictures and nice layouts - It’s about layouts that make sense from the customer’s perspective, the client’s goals, and from what search engines demand.”

  • Web design - from scratch or with existing site

Building a new website from scratch? Relaunching an existing site and giving it a fresh new concept? Allow our professional team of web designers and developers to wow you with their skill and creativity. Our “thinking” design aims to be visually appealing, user friendly and search engine optimized all at the same time.

For those who are serious about maximizing the profit potential of their site, we can work with you to design tests and evaluate various design elements to meet your goals.

  • Web development - from scratch or with existing site

Do you want to add functionalities to your existing site? Allow us to integrate it for you - seamlessly and with minimal or no downtime.

  • Mini site creation

Creating a mini site? Let us do all the design and layout work for you. Our seasoned team of designers know just what you need for an effective mini site. Need sales copy? No problem. Our sales writers can do that for you, too.

  • Video creation

Videos are a great way to achieve several goals. You can use it to tell people more about your site and how it works. Through video, you can talk about and simplify complex concepts. You can also use it to promote your products and services.

Our team can produce these videos for you - from creating the storyboard to writing the script to creating and editing the videos. Have the videos delivered to you, or if you want to, we can even submit them to video sharing sites or upload them to your site.

  • Interactive Applications

Interactive applications can make a site more interesting. In some cases, it’s an essential tool that you can use to demonstrate a product’s functionality, make your site “stickier” or perhaps to attract more customers to it. Applications can also be shared and used as a way to get word out about your site and drive traffic to it.


the Sales Manager

If things are done right, monetary reward should follow. We'll go above and beyond to get the sale”

  • Sales Letter Writing

Try our sales letter writers and you will not be disappointed. If you want, we can even test it against what you currently have or create 2 letters and then test them to find out which one sells better.

  • Ad copy writing

PPC ads? Banner ads? Text ads? Let us write them for you. We write compelling ads that drive traffic and bring in results.

  • Customer interaction planning and implementation

Are your customers’ experience of your site positive all the time? This service looks at the instances at which your customers are interacting with your site and rates these touch points to see how we can improve them. Making sure that your customers have a positive experience at your site - from checking in to checking out - we will help make sure they spend with you and even tell their friends about your site.

  • Advertising and placement planning and implementation

How do you promote your site? What are the best and most effective places for promotion? Is it PPC, article marketing, social networking, affiliate marketing, video marketing? Allow us to help you choose the best mix that will give you the best ROI.

  • Social media advertising

Social media marketing is all the rage these days. Twitter, Facebook, and even social bookmarking sites are very popular. Are you leveraging your products and taking advantage of these platforms to promote your products? If not, you could be missing out. Contact us today to find out the best way to use social media to advance your goals.

  • Testing and Measurement

Metrics can help online entrepreneurs see the strengths and weaknesses of their site and design further improvements. We can help you design various tests and measures to make sure that the site is always running at its optimal best.

  • Ranking

Ranking well in search engines is very important. It is still your customers’ #1 method to finding your site. Let us create a plan for you to reach page 1 ranking for your top keywords. Keep in mind that search engines are always modifying their algorithms to make sure sites that are the most relevant ends up on the front page. This means, you should be just as dynamic at making sure your site stays relevant and stays on top!


the Affiliate Manager

Taking good care of people who take good care of our business.”

  • Affiliate Recruitment

Let us help you find and recruit the super affiliates for your niche. Creating a fantastic affiliate program is a must for online business nowadays. It can help insulate you from the changing tides of search engine algorithms.

Tapping into the network of these top affiliates can really give your sales a good boost. It’s like having an army of marketing managers promoting your site for you. But like anything that works well, properly planning your affiliate program is key to attracting the best ones. This is something that we have the experience to do for you.

  • Affiliate Marketing Tools

Make it easy for your affiliates to promote your site. Allow us to create marketing and promotion materials that your affiliates can easily use. From affiliate training materials to email content, articles, reports, videos, banners, blogs and more. Customized content can also be offered to super affiliates.

  • Affiliate Communication and Support

An affiliate program doesn’t just stop at recruitment. You will want to maintain constant communication with your affiliates and keep them updated with new things that you have on your site. You can also create a program that will encourage them to continually post updates about your site, too. The more often you get talked about and linked to, the greater the opportunities for sales.

Communication and support can take many forms. One medium is through auto responder emails and broadcasts. There’s also responding to their questions and inquiries, designing special offers, and even creating custom promo materials for them.

  • Link Building and Directory Listings

Building links back to your site, or to your marketing and promotional tools can help people find their way to your site. Through directories, sites where you submit your marketing materials to, and social bookmarking sites are just some of the places where we can create organic and relevant links for you.


Typical Prices (although non-standard work will need to be quoted for, we have included this approximate price list here to give you a guide to what to expect from us... We don't hide any fees, what you see is what you pay.)

The Crazy 'Cash Creation' Copy Writing Team

- Sales letters (starting at $499 for a minisite sales letter)

- Autoresponders ($299 for a 7-10 part autoresponder course with pre-sell and high-impact hybrid sales/info design)

- Promotional content

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The Content Creation Factory

- Ebooks ($600 to $1000 depending on size - usually between 50 and 100 pages)

- Web content

- Blog postings (we can post daily, weekly or however often you require Usually between $5-15 per post depending on size and level of research)

- Free reports (these are usually anywhere from 4 to 16 pages and would be anywhere from $50 to $180 typically)

- Article creation and distribution (usually done in multiples of 5 articles for $10 each article researched, written and submitted to up to 3 article directories of your choice)

- Affiliate promotional packs (these are full promo packs giving your affiliates everything they need to promote your site - starting at $199 for the basic package)

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The Affiliate Manager

- Recuit affiliates (we will find appropriate site owners and contact them personally where possible, following up if needed - NO automation all done manually - starting at $7.50 per potential affiliate) - just 1 MEGA-affiliate can bring you tens of thousands of dollars each year.

- Manage affiliates

- Creation of affiliate promotional tools (full package starting at $199)

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The Internet Marketing Traffic Team

- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Email for quote

- Video Marketing

- Article Marketing

- Backlink building

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The 'Design Dungeon' Team

- Sales Driven Minisite Design (starts at $399)

- Full website design (starts at $499)

- Banners (Starting at $12 each for a pack of 10 banners of various sizes)

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